Our company, a supplier of electronics and software, electric equipmen as well as the sale of commercial equipment, sets its first priority on its customers. Also we provide a lot of services, consulting, engineering and advertising. This is why we work exclusively with manufacturers whose reputation has been verified by years of cooperation who take responsibility for the quality of their products. While still looking after the up-to-datedness of the products we present, our company continues to expand its range of new product names taking into account the interests of the consumer.


Our company provide services in creation, placement and optimization of advertisement materials. We place promotional materials both on own platforms, and on platforms of our partners. We try to obtain outstanding performance of advertizing indicators and we provide target visitors on the advertised object (website, mobile app, registration on services and more).



Our Products always meets the customer demands. We offer a wide variety of household appliances such as: Gas Ovens and Electric Grills, Refrigerators & Freezers, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Washing Machines and Dish Washers, Heat/Cool Air Conditioning, Fitness Machines, LED, LCD, & Plasma TVs of all sizes and brands. Equipment for 3d animation production Also we work with Laptops, iPads, iPhones and all kinds of smart phones.


Software development

In a highly complex business, it is important to have a key advantage over competitors. We have focused on the development of software that helps us in our business. We have created a software product that allows creating highly effective digital marketing campaigns. This year we have decided to offer its use to other market participants.


IT solutions

We operate in an always-on, digital-everything world. What does it take to thrive in our digital era? It's challenging to lead day-to-day operations, handle an ever-growing workload, and at the same time, drive innovation strategy. Your employees want access to real-time information anytime, anywhere, on any device. And your customers expect to choose how and when they interact with you. The key? Adopting future-ready technology and growing your business through a secure, agile environment.


Communication and Messaging

We provides a complete portfolio of business phones and communications endpoints. We offer devices for use at desks, in conference rooms, and across campuses. We support in-office, mobile, remote, and video users.



A lot of goods and services from the leading global vendors. We are ready to ship equipment from the smallest to systems of automation.

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